How it began …

A motivator, a mother, singer songwriter, yogi, adventurer, and truly positive soul.

Katie started her entrepreneurship journey from a dream she had in 2007 while she was asleep. This dream ignited her inner spirit and guided her to start an empowerment adventure camp for kids; Alive Adventures. This venture later lead to also providing musical drumming circles for the local community. Her venture served over 1000 youth and over 1000 community members through her camp and musical services. Katie’s brand and business has evolved as she has evolved, and hey isn’t that what life and business is all about. Katie’s collection of inspirational songs evolved from her following of her dreams. Each time she came up against a barrier a song was inspired that gave her the strength to step fourth and carry on. She is now embarking on this new journey as a singer songwriter and also unraveling the powerful stories that go along with these inspired songs.

Music Profile

At the intersection of blues, folk and soul music is where you’ll meet Katie Power. Her music can be described as down to earth storytelling filled with humor and chant-like energizing vibes. Katie’s music will send shivers down your spine, open your heart and ignite your positive energy. Her ability to reach out, engage and welcome you to share in her passion through music is one of her greatest gifts. Florence and the Machine, Simon & Garfunkel, CCR, Lauryn Hill, Edward Sharpe, The Beatles & The Magnetic Zeros, are some of Katie’s musical influences along with her inner spirit.

Katie has over 10 years of experience with musical performance and over 20 years of experience being a guiding force for youth and the community. Katie is now offering Live Shows with her original music and tasteful lighthearted covers, as well as being available for Musical Keynotes. Her performances and circles are interactive, spontaneous, creative, fun, and packed with positive light and energy! 




Live Shows

Katie is available for Live Shows. Katie’s shows are inspirational, inter-active and can be tailored to any age group and background. Katie has performed within a multitude of settings and can be booked for:

  • Community Events

  • Spiritual Retreats/Events

  • Family Oriented Events

  • Conferences

  • Fundraisers

  • Festivals

  • & More!


Thank you for being a bringer of light and for sharing your gift of song. I love hearing you play! With love and thankfulness
— Rebecca Bergshoeff

Debut Album

Katie is currently working on her Debut Album “Believe”. Her goal is to complete and release this album in spring of 2018. She is embarking on a Newfoundland Community Tour with her husband and kids August 1 - August 11 and then finishing off the tour with the Launch Show @ George Street United Church. Katie's hope is to have as many people from the vulnerable sector attend this August 11th show, to give them and the whole audience a massive dose of uplifting energy.  “Most of all I cannot wait to share this music & positivity with the world”

*Katie's lead single, Dream is available for download on I tunes and Apple Music.

Katie’s goals for this debut album is to be able to provide this inspirational album for FREE to as many people in the vulnerable sector in our province as possible.

Katie lost her dad in the summer of 2016 from ultimately depression that he was carrying for many years. This along with all of the work she did in the not for profit sector with her drumming circles and rising above the darkness herself; gives her great motivation to inspire those who are needing positivity, light, and hope. Katie hopes her album “Believe” can provide this for people when they are in need.

If you are in a position to partner with Katie in bringing this album to people in the vulnerable sector who need this much needed hope please contact Katie: katiepowernl@gmail.com


Musical Keynotes


Motivational Musical Keynotes With Katie Power

Do you need an opening, closing, or mid-way pick me up at your Conference/Event? Katie's motivational musical key notes will ignite your participants spirit, connect them with positive energy, wake them up so they can fully appreciate and experience your conference. Katie has 7 plus years experience in delivering workshops, keynotes, and lunch and learns for conferences. (See list below for examples of places Katie has been hired)


"Katie, thank you so much! your Dream keynote seriously woke something up inside of me, it ignited something deep within that has been laying dormant for so long, THANK YOU"

~ Anna - The Women - 2 - Women Conference



Enjoy the adventure of Katie's story where she directly responded to a dream she had, brought joy to our local communities heart and the great lessons within. All along her tale is related to you and your life, your potential, your impact, and your personal dreams and ambitions. A story to encourage you to follow your dream and to believe in others. Sometimes it only takes that one person to believe in you so that you can step fourth and believe in yourself. The end of this key note is Katie's signature song "Dream" where she will serenade you with her inspirational music, encouraging people to participate however they feel comfortable (eyes closed, or singing, or playing along). You participants will feel ignited, empowered, and motivated from this key note.

Places where Katie has been hired; The Community Youth Network Conference, Family & Child Care Connections Conference, Stepping Stones Conference, Youth Vibrations Conference, City of St. John's Lunch & Learn, Mile 1 Stadium Staff Workshop, Women-2-Women The Lantern Women's Empowerment Conference, Iris Kirby House, Stella's Circle, Scouts Association, NLEE Conference, Multiple schools within the eastern school district, St. Andrews Staff Training, Key Assets, Waypoints, Choices For Youth, Soothe Spa...etc.


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